Location Intelligence

Transform spatial data into consumer patterns

Discover your audiences' location and roaming patterns to uncover the most effective campaign strategies.

Make spatial decisions with ease

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Where do your customers live?
  • Discover your audience's home location down to the postal code level
  • Identify high-volume heat spots according to audience concentration and count

How Arima can help you unlock the power of spatial data

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Engage with only your target customer segments

Uncover hidden mobility patterns to deliver your message when, where, and to whom it matters. Avoid mass message delivery that has a low return on ads (ROAS) by identifying the most relevant geo-cohorts, so you can make sure you’re not wasting any time.

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Accurately predict OOH campaign results and effectiveness

With map overlays, you will never have to second guess how effective an OOH choice might be. Look at each specific OOH’s reach rate and combine it with customized store locations and public transit maps, so you can be confident of the estimated reach of an OOH campaign.

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Uncover insights on how your customers interact with your store

Keep track of your audience’s traveling patterns before and after visiting a store, and measure the in-store traffic throughout the day. Gain competitive advantages by knowing how your audience is different from those who shop with other businesses.

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