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You’re in the driver’s seat. Faster, cheaper, flexible. Your MMM, your way.

The Arima platform puts all the complex math in the cloud. Upload your data, click and go. MMM is no longer just for big brands with big budgets.

Marketing Mix Model

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Bayer Bayer Questrade Coca Cola Danone Deloitte ISPD Subway Rogers Campari Ipsos Novus New Engen PlusCo Gainshare CBC

MMMs add certainty to where you allocate your marketing dollars

MMMs show ALL your advertising channel's contribution enabling you to maximize your brand’s sales. See how digital and analogue media work together in synergy

Marketing Mix Modelling that fits your workflow

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Cost Effective

Arima’s Marketing Mix Models Are Cost-Effective

Not only has the price of MMM dropped dramatically, now one price provides unlimited models. The more you use it, the less each model costs.

Put less $ into marketing analysis and plow those savings back into marketing.

  • Unlimited MMMs
  • Increase your working media dollars
  • More business outcomes
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Fast Results

MMM in Hours Not Weeks

Self-directed MMM. Fast results mean timely decisions. Make all media, performance media.

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Easy to Use

Self-Directed MMMs Are Easy to Create and Understand

We put the data science in the cloud. Models are simply created and updated by anyone on your marketing team.

  • Guided step by step wizard
  • Save your progress
  • Easily share with your team and clients

Put your MMM to Work.

The Arima MMM is fully integrated into our Media Planner.

One click and your media channel ROAS numbers are the foundation of your next media plan.
Focus ALL your media dollars on achieving your sales goals.

It’s like digital attribution, but for analogue and digital media combined synergistically.

Arima’s Full Suite of Marketing Tools Work Seamlessly Together with Market Mix Modelling

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Arima’s Cross Media Planner

Our cross-media planner identifies the ideal media mix to achieve whatever goal you set.

From optimal reach and frequency, to maximize attention, to splitting between brand and activation to driving sales or conversions.

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Arima’s Location Intelligence

Leverage insights into your target audience’s travels, weekdays and weekends, retail visits and OOH exposure, transit paths and direct mail options.

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Arima’s Audience Builder

Create advertiser defined audiences with our Synthetic Society and find out more what about their media and product consumption habits.

Uncover insights that fuel your go-to-market strategy.

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