Cross Media Planner

Optimize your budget with the right media mix for you

Our cross media planner lets you tailor your plan to get all the answers you need for success.

Fully customizable and AI-optimized plans

Multi-directional optimization
Ad Flighting
MMM adaptable
A reality based media plan
  • Plans incorporate audience insights, extraneous, and competitive factors
  • Create plans with self-defined business goals so that the result best fits your objectives

How Arima can get you your optimal media mix plan

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Determine the right channels for your campaign

Leverage the media usage patterns of your audience pinpointed from Persona Builder to determine the right types of media for your message, including both online and offline channels.

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Full scale media mix planning

Create self-adjusted media plans based on different campaign goals from building reach, awareness, engagement, or self-defined goals from MMM results. Alter advertising budget scheduling and customize CPP/CPM values to make it fully yours.

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Determine your strategy based on AI-optimized cross-channel insights

Harmonize all your marketing data with external factors including inflation rate, pandemic, seasonality, competition and more. We do the math for you to identify the optimal media mix and budget allocation, and predict the most accurate reach frequency curves.

Tailor-fit pricing to match your business needs

Whatever your goals are, let us help you achieve them

We are ready to help!

Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

Learn more about how live Marketing Mix Modeling strongly impacts your business
Uncover deeper customer and business insights
Leverage your 1st party data without having to worry about privacy concerns

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