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Combine trusted syndicated datasets with your own proprietary first party data to uncover business insights and craft custom media recommendations for your clients

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Understand your client's audience

Create comprehensive target audience segments by combining over 7,000+ audience attributes found within our platform with your own proprietary first party datasets. Once developed, these personas can easily be analyzed by your internal sales and support teams to determine the optimal placement mix, targeting methods, and impression weights to recommend to advertisers.

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Privacy by design geo-cohort analysis and targeting

Uncover which geo-cohorts have the highest concentration of the advertiser's target segment at the state/province, city, ZIP/FSA or even postal code level.

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Custom media mix analysis

Show the value of your media and help your clients forecast returns by developing internal benchmarks that show the average return on investment (ROI) / return on ad spend (ROAS) of your media channels by category.

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Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

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