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Media planning that aligns with your client's way of thinking

Our customizable media planning tool takes your client's first party data to help you create the results you're looking for

Here's how Arima can help you make smarter media plans

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An all-in-one marketing intelligence platform

We offer full-scaled marketing intelligence solutions from customer insights discovery, media performance measurement, and answers to strategic business questions. Use a combination of our available tools all on one platform to strengthen your consultation in an integrated way.

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Give your clients what they want

Build marketing mix models customized for your client and create optimal media plans with the results. Or import your client’s existing MMMs to our media planning tool that bridges the gap between historical data analysis and future moves.

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Collaborate easily and build strong client relationships

Our fully customizable platform allows you to add all kinds of datasets and variables that matter. Meet your client’s specific needs, such as retail footprint, CRM data, pandemic impact, or cannibalization, and collaborate on the findings with easy to use built-in features.

Tailor-fit pricing to match your business needs

Whatever your goals are, let us help you achieve them

We are ready to help!

Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

Learn more about how live Marketing Mix Modeling strongly impacts your business
Uncover deeper customer and business insights
Leverage your 1st party data without having to worry about privacy concerns

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