Introducing the Synthetic Society by Arima

National in scope – individual in detail

At a Glance

Data is fundamental to solving any business problem, whether it's driving growth, improving customer retention, or optimizing operations. The Synthetic Society by Arima addresses this need by offering a privacy-centric dataset that is extensive in scope but specific in individual characteristics.

We provide synthetic individuals with thousands of attributes, derived from trusted sources such as census data, market research, mobility data, and purchase behaviours. For any questions you have, we can provide detailed information about the audience.

Additionally, we excel in local share and local strategy work through our advanced location intelligence modelling. This allows us to offer nuanced, location-specific insights that help businesses tailor their strategies to specific geographic areas, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of their initiatives.

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About your Customers

Covering all of Canada and the U.S., attributes cover:

  • Multi-category product and service retail
  • Purchase and usage behaviour
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Geo-demographics
  • Mobility data
  • Understand low incidence or other hard to reach target markets

Sounds like magic. Where does the data come from?

Arima are experts at synthesizing data attributes for national populations. If we don’t have it, we can create it. Our SynC algorithm uses multi-correlation analysis to downscale small datasets into nations of individuals. The Synthetic Society is ideal for any data driven use case. It augments your first party data, uncovering the people you don’t have in your CRM systems.

Got a challenging business growth goal into a new territory, a new segment or a new product? You need to start nationally and know your niche.

Includes Your Customers, Your Prospects, Your Competitor’s Prospects

A 360-degree perspective of your audience

Gain a crystal-clear picture of your audience's wants and motivations, along with their online and offline habits.

Canada (32 million, 18+) and US (260 million, 18+)

Reach a massive market while understanding the nuances. Leverage the combined potential of millions of customers across Canada and the US.

Choose the variables that matter to you

Don't get bogged down in endless metrics. Instead, choose the variables that directly impact your marketing goals and reveal the "why" behind customer behavior. This allows you to make informed decisions that get results.

Accurate data without compliance concerns

The Synthetic Society by Arima empowers you to make strategic decisions with confidence, leveraging reliable information with privacy peace of mind.

Use cases? The Synthetic Society is the Swiss Army Knife of Data

Anything best analyzed using individuals instead of averages or clusters should be done using a synthetic national population. Media habits, product purchases, retail buying patterns, financial relationships, indulgences, entertainment and more, are represented in the Synthetic Society for you to analyze and model.

Understanding Your Customers
Understanding Your Customers
  • Individual-based modelling
  • Customer and potential customer strategy development
  • Creating and actioning against customer and market segments
  • Identifying sentiment and psychographics by voting geography
Product Development & Optimization
Product Development & Optimization
  • Identifying and testing new product concepts
  • Optimizing touchpoints
  • Understanding local market share and market potential analysis
  • Testing early stage creative and communications
  • Modelling ad exposure effects
Advanced Analytics & Customization
Advanced Analytics & Customization
  • Add attributes specific to your needs
  • Identifying ecosystem and cross category partnership opportunities
  • Exploring new product or service innovations

Not Convinced?

See how Coca-Cola Bottling Limited utilized Synthetic Society to enhance their vending machine locations.

Specific Customer Insights to Drive Better Decisions

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