Self-Directed Marketing Mix Model

We make marketing attribution simple

Measure media effectiveness and improve your ROI

An MMM like you've never seen before

Arima's self-directed marketing mix model gives you the control. Now, you can create MMMs quickly and effortlessly, without relying on a huge data science team.

Step 1

You give your past sales and marketing data

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Step 2

You get clear insights into what’s effective in your marketing efforts

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What you get from our MMM

Fast results

Traditional MMMs takes 3-6 months to build but we can get you results within a few weeks. Updated in real-time, so you're always given relevant data.


Based on factors like your sales data, media efforts, economic conditions, and competition, our MMM gives you a robust view of it all.

Affordable pricing

We specialize in software and data - that means we're able to spread out the cost for each and every client.


Combine with our Cross Media Planner or analyze on your own - MMMs are 100% owned by you, so you can decide what to do with the results.

Easy to use and understand

Our platform is easy to use and ensures everyone on your team can understand the data with ease.

Unlimited models

Self-directed MMMs let you make as many models as you want, without any extra costs!

Actionable models that drive results

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Immerse existing data into an AI-optimized solution

Measure past and ongoing advertising performance by channel attributions, and see its effectiveness by time decay. Our machine teaches itself by testing millions of correlations between sales and marketing activities, then generates precise channel attributions to certify the validity of the model - all so you don't have to.

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Test the market with zero cost using instant scenario plannings and predictions

Suggest the best allocation of budget and accurately forecast sales with every possible advertising scenario using in-graph sliders. The result is updated in near real time and based on frequently refreshed data inputs to make sure you're always getting accurate results.

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Blend marketing with sales and profits - all in one view

Enable marketers to prove the ROI of their efforts, and inform them of the best future marketing composition with certainty. Yield insights to make budget allocation more efficient, and facilitate advanced sales trending forecasts with ease.

Tailor-fit pricing to match your business needs

Whatever your goals are, let us help you achieve them

We are ready to help!

Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

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