Why Choose Arima’s Marketing Mix Model?

Navreen Aulakh
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Are you drowning in marketing data, unsure which platforms are actually driving sales?
Imagine a tool that cuts through the noise and reveals exactly how your marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line. That's the power of Arima's Marketing Mix Model.
In this blog post, we'll show you why Arima's solution is unlike any other, giving you the control, speed, and insights you need to optimize your marketing spend and skyrocket your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Finding Common Ground

Like other marketing mix models, Arima’s model is designed to understand how various ads impact sales and other key performance indicators (KPIs). By analyzing past data, marketing mix modeling reveals which advertising channels—such as TV, print, radio, and online ads—influence customer behavior and correlate with sales, helping to determine a Return on Investment (ROI) curve.

Arima's marketing mix model platform

Arima's MMM platform shows you how your marketing efforts impact your KPIs. 

What Sets Arima Apart?

At Arima, our goal was to create an MMM tool unlike any other on the market, and we've succeeded. Our self-directed marketing mix modeling platform simplifies marketing attribution in unprecedented ways, placing user experience and control at the forefront.

Putting You in Control

Arima's marketing mix modeling platform is a self-directed MMM tool, empowering users to build their own models using their sales and marketing data. This user-friendly feature gives the power of market mix modeling directly to those who know the data best—your team.


You can easily input marketing and sales data, no data science team required. 


Cost-Effective Solutions

Traditional marketing mix models can be expensive (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars).  Arima’s self-directed approach significantly reduces costs. Our intuitive MMM platform makes it easy to test different models across multiple brands and clients, cutting down on expenses typically associated with advanced analytics. This allows data science teams to focus more on data analysis rather than data cleaning. Teams gain control over detailed functions within the market mix modeling tool, creating powerful visualizations tailored to their organization. With Arima, agencies can apply advanced media mix modelling across all their clients without being restricted by project-specific pricing. This flexibility enables agencies to collaborate with their clients, experimenting with various models to find the best fit.

Designed for Speed

Arima’s MMM platform is built for speed. Once you input your data, models can be generated in just a few hours. With one click in Arima’s Cross Media Reach/Frequency planner, MMM results are used to weight the media plan towards the most effective media channels. This transforms media mix modelling from a point solution into a comprehensive tool that fuses long-term and short-term results across all media types, digital or analog.

Seamless Integration

Our MMM platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows. Whether you’re dealing with digital or traditional media, Arima’s model adapts to provide actionable insights that drive impactful decisions, especially when paired with our Cross-Media Planning Tool.


Arima's MMM integrates seamlessly with our Cross-Media Planner



Leveraging Synthetic Data

Arima's marketing mix modeling platform also leverages synthetic data to enhance model accuracy and provide deeper insights. This innovative approach allows you to simulate various scenarios and predict outcomes with greater confidence.


Arima’s Marketing Mix Model stands out by offering an unparalleled combination of user control, cost-effectiveness, speed, and integration capabilities. By putting the power of data-driven decision-making directly into your hands, Arima ensures you can achieve the best possible outcomes for your marketing strategies.

Why wait? Start improving your ROAS today with Arima’s innovative marketing mix modeling platform.

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