Mobility Data Enhancement for Canadian Users

Winston Li
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Mobility Data Enhancement is available as an add-on through our Location Intelligence module. Within the module, you can toggle between home locations and roaming locations of your desired audiences.

We are excited to announce that Arima is partnering with Applied Post, a leading Canadian technology company that specializes in the innovation of consumer analytics and provides location intelligence for marketing and advertising services, to provide privacy-compliant, SDK based mobility data based on a sample of millions of Canadians.

Mobility data enables marketers to contextualize real-world consumer behavior, supporting a broad range of marketing science activities that help better understand customer bases and launch more targeted online and offline campaigns.

What's New in Mobility Data Enhancement?

Here is an example of the adult 25-54 audience. Like before, you will see audience concentration by home location.

Arima Location Intelligence

With the Mobility Data Enhancement turned on, you have the option to view roaming locations of that same audience.

Mobility Data Map

The panel on the left-hand side allows you to toggle between date ranges, times, and weekend/weekdays. With this view, you can see where they are traveling throughout the course of the day.

Mobility data also allows us to measure and track campaign performance. For example, you can use this enhancement to calculate traffic counts for OOH boards you are interested in purchasing.

Location intelligence map

Questions Mobility Data Answers

At the strategic level, get answers to:

At the tactical level, interesting questions include:

Benefits of Mobility Data Enhancement

Ready to harness the power of mobility data to boost your marketing strategies? Contact us today to learn more about our Mobility Data Enhancement and book a free co-pilot session with our experts. Discover how Arima can help you achieve your marketing goals with cutting-edge location intelligence. Click here to get started!

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