Enhancing Your Marketing Toolkit for 2024 - Arima Product Updates

Phil McKay
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At Arima, our commitment is to provide you with the best Marketing Mix Models (MMMs) and campaign planning tools, ensuring your marketing strategies are optimized to their fullest potential.

In this update, we’re introducing several new features inspired by YOUR feedback to enhance your experience with Arima.  Find out more below.

Sharing Reports & MMM's

Users provided ideas on how reports and permissions could be improved:

Share your marketing mix models

Marketing Mix Models:

We've rolled out lots of new features for our self-directed marketing mix models this year, and we're not done yet. Here's what's new: 

New Time to Impact Tab on Arima's MMM


Arima's Budget Optimizer

Cross Media Planner updates:

Interested in learning more? Contact Phil for a 10-minute tour of the new features or any other questions and ideas about Arima tools.

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