6 Reasons Advertisers Leverage Self-Directed Marketing Mix Models

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#1: Get the Most Out of Every Dollar and Increase ROI: 

Knowing what media works is half the battle in creating a successful marketing campaign. Arima’s Self-Directed Marketing Mix Model (SDMMM) provides a comprehensive view of how all your marketing efforts, from online ads to TV commercials, contribute to sales. This allows you to identify the most effective channels and stop wasting ad spend on tactics that aren't delivering.

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#2: Future-proof your strategies with sales forecasting:

Marketing Mix Models use past sales data to predict potential outcomes of different marketing strategies. Arima’s SDMMM accounts for external factors such as seasonality, pandemics, economic conditions and more. This lets you predict the potential impact of different marketing strategies before you commit. Make “what if” adjustments to your marketing mix and see how it’ll play out without the risk. 

In an evolving market, economic conditions and industry trends can cause media budgets to fluctuate. Forecasting also allows you to defend the marketing budget by forecasting the impact of budget cuts.

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#3: Accessibility for All Advertisers:

Arima’s SDMMM levels the playing field by providing a user-friendly platform which eliminates the need for an extensive technical background. SDMMMs are accessible to everyone on your team, regardless of technical background, democratizing the power of advanced analytics. The ease of using modern platforms also makes it easier for anyone in an organization to see and understand the company’s marketing data.

“Simplifying the MMM process means it can be handled by the media planner. That puts more control in the hands of the person who makes media allocation decisions. The data becomes better, the process becomes faster and the decisions yield more business - and that's the whole point of marketing.” 

- Chris Williams, Chief Marketing Officer @ Arima Data



#4: Effortless Data Handling, More Time for You:

Focus on creating high-impact campaigns instead of wrestling with data. SDMMMs handle time-consuming tasks like data cleaning and preparation, freeing you to do what you do best – crafting winning advertising strategies. 


#5: Budget-Friendly Analytics:

Arima’s SDMMM models come at a fraction of the cost of traditional Marketing mix models. Our easy-to-use interface lessens the need for large data science teams significantly reducing the typical expenses associated with advanced analytics. This ensures businesses of all sizes can use SDMMMs without straining their budget.

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#6: Make Smarter, Faster Decisions:

Get the data you need in hours, not months. Arima’s SDMMM gives you the agility to adapt your marketing mix quickly as new trends emerge or customer preferences shift. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time data to make informed decisions that drive results.

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Self-Directed Marketing Mix Models offer a win-win situation. With SDMMMs, you get a complete picture of how all your marketing efforts, from social media to TV commercials, impact your sales. This lets you fine-tune your strategies quickly and with precision, eliminating wasted spend. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions that deliver outstanding results for your clients or your business.

Don't settle for guesswork. Make the switch to Arima’s SDMMM and use the power of analytics to be sure and make better marketing decisions.

To learn more, visit www.arimadata.com/products/mmm

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