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Fully customized consumer insights, media planning, and live marketing mix modeling all in one

Who are we?

As Canada's most advanced marketing platform, we combine live market mix modeling with consumer insights discovery and media planning tools into one source. Our Synthetic Society enables a privacy by design data fusion for marketers and agencies. Our suite of tools allows hundreds of organizations to unlock the power of marketing data science in an easier and more affordable way.

Our Story

Arima was founded in 2019 with the vision to create a centralized consumer database to help marketers and businesses easily access Canadian consumer intelligence.

Since then, Arima has developed into an AI-driven Consumer Insights engine that helps marketers build audiences and customized personas by easily navigating through large datasets.

our story

Why are we doing this?

Make the complicated...uncomplicated. At Arima, we want to enable everyone to become a marketing data scientist to make more informed decisions.

We take away the tedious work around data acquisition and cleaning, so that you can focus on solving the most important problems for your business.