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Connect the dots between 1st and 3rd party data and turn them into opportunities

Get accurate and real-time point of interest data to solve complex business cases

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Create powerful geo-cohort visualizations

Track consumer's physical and online footpoints to understand how they interact with your business. Build competitive landscape analysis and make data-informed decisions for site selection or advertising targets at tactical and strategic levels.

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Build your unique consumer profiles and segmentations

Get a comprehensive understanding of your consumers, their demographics, lifestyles, preferences, motivations, behavioral traits and their interactions with media, brands and ads.

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Know the unknowns

Test over 4,000 attributes to identify the best variables to use for modeling and discover insights you never even thought about, without wasting time and money sourcing data that doesn’t have the variables that will actually move the needle.

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Enrich your first-party data

Bring in datapoints you don't have to understand more about your customers - identify the best targets for upselling and cross-selling, determine who is most likely to renew or churn, and understand where else your customers are shopping or visiting.

Train your models with accurate and timely datasets

We partner with 24 data providers from public sectors, proprietary market research and consumer-facing products to build Arima’s Synthetic Society, providing you with the most accurate, up-to-date and privacy-concern-free point of interest data at your disposal.

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Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

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