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Leverage MMMs to see the ROAS for all in-market media, forecast future revenue, and evaluate how various factors are affecting your business

Here's how Arima can help you make more data-informed decisions

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Take a customer-centric approach

Run analysis on existing customers and create actionable look-alike audiences in Arima’s Synthetic Society. Understand what motivates your audiences to make a purchase and dig out the best way to design and deliver your ads.

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Media planning based on marketing mix models

The traditional MMM scope is limited to past use of media. Arima links your MMMs into our cross media planning tool and incorporates both historical data and our near real-time Synthetic Society to provide the most accurate sales forecast, illustrate performance affecting factors, and find optimal media plans.

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Complete ownership and a privacy-first solution

You never need to worry about losing analytics and models when switching agencies. Our platform allows advertisers and agencies to collaborate and fully unlock the power of various datasets that are more powerful when viewed together. Arima’s MMM sources data without cookies or personally identifiable information, which makes it highly resilient to privacy legislation change.

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Arima is a data-led marketing platform that can be customized to the exact needs of your organization.

Learn more about how live Marketing Mix Modeling strongly impacts your business
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