How Pattison Boosted Foot Traffic with Arima's Marketing Mix Model

Phil McKay
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Pattison Outdoor Advertising aimed to measure the impact of their Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaigns on foot traffic during and after a client's seven-week promotion. Utilizing Arima's self-directed marketing mix models, the campaign's success was analyzed using Foot Traffic Analytics (FTA) data combined with OOH media investments.

Campaign Overview

Key Findings

  1. Immediate Impact:
    • In the first week of the campaign, foot traffic increased by 46% compared to the average of the previous six weeks. This initial surge highlights the immediate effectiveness of the OOH campaign in attracting more visitors.

Stat showing increase in foot traffic as a result of ad campgins


  1. Peak Performance:
    • Horizontal Posters and Streetcar Wraps were particularly effective, resulting in a 373% increase in foot traffic at their peak during the fifth week of the campaign. This impressive spike underscores the power of strategic OOH placements in driving significant consumer engagement.


Graph showing increase in foot traffic. Tool is Arima's marketing mix model.


  1. Sustained Lift:

Even after the campaign ended, the client experienced a 6.5% increase in foot traffic for six weeks post-campaign, compared to pre-campaign levels. This sustained lift indicates the lasting impact of the OOH campaign on consumer behavior and brand visibility.

Graph showing impact on brand visibility in Arima's marketing mix model Graph showing impact on brand visibility in Arima's marketing mix model

  1. Overall Results:
    • Over the seven-week campaign, foot traffic increased by 30%, equating to an additional 280,000 store visits across a 19-week modelling period. This total impact, inclusive of a net bonus of additional visitors, demonstrates the comprehensive effectiveness of the campaign.


Thanks to Arima's robust modelling capabilities, Media Vendor A was able to accurately measure and validate the significant lift in foot traffic resulting from their OOH campaigns. The strategic use of Horizontal Posters and Streetcar Wraps not only drove immediate results but also contributed to a sustained increase in store visits well beyond the campaign period. This case study exemplifies how leveraging advanced analytics and modelling can provide invaluable insights into campaign performance, enabling businesses to optimize their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

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